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Additional Information on NABBA (F.A.Q.)
What is NABBA?
What is NABBA USA?
How does NABBA differ from other bodybuilding federations?
How do I find out about competitions?
What kind of competitions are there?
National titles?
Continental titles?
What are the international contests?
Contest Awards?
Magazine Coverage?

 What is NABBA?
NABBA is the abbreviation for National Amateur Bodybuilders Association. It was founded in 1950 in England to give United Kingdom bodybuilders a unified and strong organization in which to compete, and to give the athletes publicity and recognition. As bodybuilders from countries all over the world began to compete at the Universe, their countries' organizations joined NABBA and NABBA INTERNATIONAL was formed. NABBA International currently consists of more than 40 active nations making it the second largest world-wide bodybuilding federation.
NABBA USA is also an affiliate of NABBA International - a federation of over fifty countries. We are also an associate member of the World Fitness Federation (WFF) whose competitions have many categories depending on the athlete's age and body type. Top NABBA USA athletes will be invited to represent the USA at WFF international events. (more

What is NABBA USA?
NABBA USA is the NABBA organization in the United States and an active member of NABBA International. It was founded in 1992 to provide a fresh and dynamic alternative for bodybuilders here. (more)

How does NABBA differ from other bodybuilding federations?
  • NABBA USA provides the athlete with the opoportunity to compete at an international level. 
  • NABBA USA promoters have the option of having competition classes based on height or weight and international contests are classified by height only. 
  • NABBA USA welcomes the participation of athlete, promoters, and judges of all federations and those new to the sport. 
  • NABBA USA strives to have divisions for open men, open women, novice men, junior men, teenage men, master's men, grandmaster's men, men's athletic, and couples so everyone can compete. 
  • For female athletes, NABBA USA provides Ms. Figure® contests which are similar to traditional bodybuilding contests but with an emphasis on a more feminine look. Ms. Bikini has recently been added for those women that have a shapely beach body but do not wish to do a posing routine. 
  • How do I find out about competitions?
  • Call your local district chairman or the NABBA USA president. 
  • Join NABBA USA for direct mailings 
  • See the schedule on this site 
  • What kind of competitions are there? Local, National, and International
    Amateur and Professional
    Natural and Non-tested
    National titles?
  • American Bodybuilding Championships  (the NABBA Nationals)
  • Junior American Bodybuilding Championships (the NABBA Jr. Nationals) 
  • Natural United States Bodybuilding Championships 
  • Natural American Bodybuilding Championships 
  • Ms. Figure® America and Ms. Bikini America
  • Ms. Figure® USA  and Ms. Bikini USA
  • Continental titles?
  • North American Bodybuilding Championships 
  • Natural North American Bodybuilding Championships 

  • What are the international contests?
  • World Championship (location changes each year) 
  • The NABBA Universe (England) 
  • Contest Awards? Physiques sculptures, sculptures, trophies, plaques, medallions, rings, watches, swords, crystal, etc
    Magazine Coverage? International magazines - Health & Fitness Magazine (U.K.), German magazines, Brazilian magazines and others
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