Mr. Fit Body

Dear Athlete and Potential Contest Promoter,  

     We look forward to welcoming you into the NABBA family as a competitor or new promoter! NABBA, the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association, has been a prevalent force in European bodybuilding since 1950. Steve Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenneger and Sean Connery competed in early NABBA events.

      In 1992, NABBA expanded to the United States forming NABBA USA. We felt that the U.S. bodybuilding scene was in need of a fresh, dynamic athlete-oriented organization. NABBA USA offers the athlete and promoter exciting teamwork. We believe that the dedicated hard-working athlete not only deserves professionally run competitions with qualified, unbiased judges but also recognition, publicity, and respect.    

     NABBA USA has both natural and non-tested competitions. These competitions are at the local, state, regional, and national levels. Winners and high placers in our National Championships are qualified for selection by the NABBA USA National Committee to compete at the NABBA Universe, the NABBA World Championships, and other international amateur events.  

     NABBA USA is an affiliate of NABBA International - a federation of over fifty countries. Top NABBA USA athletes will be invited to represent the USA at NABBA international events. Contact us.   
Bob Gruskin
Hiram Nieves
Executive Vice President
Jim Devonshire
Vice President
Paul Lieber
Chairman for Natural Events
John Lukas
Chief Executive
Dustin Vincent
Chairman for Media/Publicity
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