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   Couples (Mixed Pairs)- Judging Criteria 
Judges will look for couples who compliment one another in appearance and demeanor, body structure and conditioning. They should also present a routine which is completely in harmony and not pose independently of each other.
Pairings Permitted:
1. Male physique with Female physique
2. Male physique with Ms. Figure®
3. Male physique with Ms. Bikini
4. Men's Athletic with Female physique
5. Men's Athletic with Ms. Figure®
6. Men's Athletic with Ms. Bikini

Male competitors must wear solid colored posing trunks.

Female competitors must wear solid colored two piece posing/swim suit free of adornments; bikini, thong, or G-string are NOT permitted!!

Jewelry is not permitted except for finger or small ear rings. Competitors may use light oil unless prohibited by the promoter or venue director.

   R. Couples - Judging Procedures 
The judging will be conducted in three rounds with each round scored independently. The total of the three rounds will be determined. Each Couple in the class will then be given a single placement based on their total score with the lowest total score placing first.

          Round 1. Symmetry - Quarter Turns 

All competitors in the class will present themselves in pairs on stage in serial order in a straight line or curve facing the judges and assume a semi-relaxed stance with ankles touching The head judge will instruct the pairs as a group to execute a series of quarter turns to the right allowing the judges to view them from the front, left side, back, and right side before returning to the front position. When the judges are satisfied, Round 1 is completed.

          Round 2. Mandatory Comparative Posing (7 poses) 

All competitors in the class will present themselves on stage in pairs in serial order. The head judge will call in sequence the seven mandatory poses giving the competitors a sufficient number of seconds to hold the poses for the judge's determination and ample time for the competitors to rest between each pose. After the initial comparison are completed, the head judge may shift the position of the competitors and conduct additional comparisons.

1. Front double biceps
2. Front lat spread with thighs flexes (heels together, toes pointed out 45 degrees)
3. Side chest (lifted ribcage) - your favorite side
4. Back double biceps
5. Back lat spread with one calf spiked
6. Side triceps - your favorite (leg flexed to display the side of the thigh and calf spiked)
7. Abdominals and thighs - hands behind head

Note: Figure or Bikini athletes should hit the poses where applicable using the Ms. Figure® positionings - open hands (no clenched fists).

          Round 3. Free Posing 

Each couple will be allowed a maximum of 90 to 60 seconds as specified by the promoter to exhibit their physical conditioning, symmetry, charisma, and presentation ability through this free posing round choreographed to the athletes' own choice of music. It should be colorful, interesting and enjoyable for both the couples to perform and audience to view. The routine must be performed in posing suit and barefooted.

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